by Peter Vollmer

Going for a ride

It's not often that a dog gadget comes along that really works. A Norwegian inventor named Sven Arntzen appears to have beaten the odds!

It all started because Sven's German Shepherd wasn't getting enough exercise. Sven tried running with Rocket, but couldn't keep up. Then he tried holding Rocket's leash while riding his bike with Rocket running alongside, but soon tired of picking himself off the pavement!

Desperate to provide his companion with good exercise, Sven designed a device he could attach to his bike frame. He fitted the German Shepherd with a harness and hooked him up to the new gizmo. He could keep both hands on the handle bars, and a heavy-duty spring absorbed 90% of the force from the dog's tugs and pulls. To everyone's amazement Sven remained upright!

He calls his bicycle exerciser for dogs the Springer®, and is so sure that it will work for dog owners that he offers a thirty day satisfaction guarantee!

After hearing about the Springer®, we couldn't resist. Many of the young adult dogs and older puppies that come to class need exercise so badly that they act like they're being catapulted from an aircraft carrier!

We ordered our first Springer® in January 1992 and immediately tried it on our two Sheltie "guinea pigs," Foot and Sage. It came with an adjustable figure eight harness, and was simple to set up. It was invaluable in conditioning the dogs for our annual back country vacation!

We then tried it on a young Lab who was in for a board and train. We exercised the severely ballistic Samson on the Springer® before we started working with him each day, and what a difference! Getting adequate exercise enabled him to settle down and concentrate on his lessons rather than jumping, nipping, and trying to drag us around. Click here for ordering info.


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