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Pinto has finally selected the winners.
Thanks to everyone for sharing your wonderful stories.
They were all delightful!

Denise Marshall
& Ashley
"My dog Ashley has a bad habit of wanting to sleep in my bed at night. I'm single and she has her own bed in the next room. She knows that when she starts to sound like she's throwing up I take off running to the front door to let her out. So one night she wakes up at 2:00 a.m. and scratches on my door to come into my room and get on my bed. I ignore her scratch, then she starts to sound like she's throwing up and I jump up out of my bed and take off running to the front door and opening it. She takes off running into my room and jumps into my bed!"

Jamie Mahoney
& Shelby
"Shelby loves playing in the pool with her Frisbee, but not when it is cold. She eases herself onto the raft, floats around the pool, maneuvering herself until she gets to her Frisbee! She has gotten so good at this, that she can stand up on the raft, reach over in the water and grab the Frisbee!"

Mary Ann Angros
Benny & Squeaker
"Squeaker is the tiniest Sheltie I've ever seen. Nine inches tall and 9 3/4 lbs. Benny is very big, 21 in. and 50 lbs. Benny is afraid of Squeaker. She dominates him by jumping off the furniture onto his back and riding him around the living room! She's too short to use the "traditional" method of standing over him! Both of them are rescued Shelties and we love all of the Shelties we have!"
Shannon Morin
& Ozzie
"Ozzie used to follow my mom everywhere; no matter where she was, he was close behind. Once, mom headed for the bathroom, and sure enough, he followed. She stopped in the doorway and turned to look at him. He stared at her but walked by as if to say, 'I'm not following you... ' He continued walking right into a bookshelf!"
Verena Schmitz
& Tiny
"One morning I left without putting Tiny, our 200 pound English Mastiff, into the kennel. When the mail lady came, to deliver a package, she left her car door open, and Tiny got into the driver's seat. It took the mail lady nearly 15 minutes, to get Tiny out of her car."
Noreen Landaverde
& Sierra
"A globe of the earth fell to the ground. Our puppy started to growl and tried to attack it. She chases it all over the house trying to grab it with her teeth, and sometimes she goes so fast she just rolls right over it."
Jacqueline Hariegle
& Patches
"When my two cats had kittens, my dog Patches took all the kittens out of the box and carried them upstairs to nurse all thirteen kittens. She kept them warm, took care of them by washing them and when the mother cats tried to get to their kittens, Patches growled, but let the mothers, nurse the kittens."
Christine Bennis
& Oliver
"Oliver started the funniest habit of only drinking water from the taps of the bathroom sinks.  He stands on his hind legs, front paws on the counter, and hangs his head in the sink until we turn it on for him!"
Rhonda Marie Hatcher
& Mandy
"At about six months old, Mandy found a frog. When I came to see what she was doing with the frog, I couldn't find it. I was talking to her and in response, she barked. Out of her mouth jumped the frog and landed on me."
Donna Hunt
& Hans
"I have a fish tank in the living room --a shelved area just high enough for my dog to view. Gluing his nose to the tank sniffing the glass, he gives them a run for their money. He gets more of a kick out of them than we do!"
Wendy Ballog
& Max
"Our dog Max, visited the neighbor's garage and stole a brand new pair of golf shoes and buried them somewhere in our back yard. We were only able to find one shoe, and kindly returned it to the neighbor."
& Kelsey
"I received a pair of dog shaped house slippers for my birthday. Kelsey thought they were real dogs, and started barking at them and chasing 'her new playmates' every time I walked. She was ready to play!"
Portia O'Laughlin
& Michael
"I had this dog when I was a little girl but I still chuckle at the way he would 'dance' when I played my harmonica. He would stomp one foot while dragging his bottom across the floor in a circle and howl at the same time!"
Jenny Ferguson
& Dylan
"Max was trying to hunt squirrels (he never catches them). He was walking ever so slowly like a cat, and then my wonderful dog Dylan started running after Max and scared his squirrel away! Max looked at him and Dylan just put on his 'I'm so innocent' face! He made us all laugh!"
Joanne Andreau
Wiley & Casey
"My husband had a large tube like a paper towel tube except 6 ft long and about 7 inches wide that we were using to make a laundry chute. My little Lhasa decided to check it out and managed to crawl all the way inside and got stuck. Then my Lab decided to help out and stuck his head in the other end and got his head stuck. After we stopped laughing we helped get them unstuck."
Elaine Squires
& Holly
"One Christmas we let our Bernese Mountain Dog, Holly, out to do her business. My neighbors were celebrating a traditional Italian family Christmas Eve and their house got warm so they opened the back door. Holly literally climbed over the fence and walked up the stairs and headed directly to the dining room to join the festivities. We are sure she figured her invitation must of gotten lost in the mail!"
Derek Shook
& Keiko
"As we were driving on Interstate 10 an ambulance passed us. Keiko put his head out the window a howled like a siren as we followed for several miles. Other motorists were swerving off the road due to laughter."
Brigitta Schumacher
& Nippy
"Nippy has learned that seeing suitcases out means we will be leaving him, so he gets sad and whimpers when he sees them out of the closet. One day before a trip, they were out in the guest room. I went down the hall to get my clothes and when I came back the suitcases were gone. Nippy had pushed them under the bed to keep us from leaving!"
Cindy Jeffries
Sheba & Little Bit
"Our little Dobe, Sheba, likes to chase the cats. Our Lab, Little Bit, now lets the cats ride on her back so Sheba won't chase them! When she's not doing this, her favorite pastime is jumping up and down on the bed."
Peter Robertson
& Sam
"We have cats that, while not fond of Sam, tolerate him. A couple of weeks ago, while he was laying on his favorite rug in the living room, one of the cats sauntered by and for no reason Sam perks up, grabs the cat's tail and proceed to run down the hall with him! We rescued both in the nick of time."
Joanne Keane
& Chantilly
"One year before Christmas, we had men working in our house putting in ceiling fans. Chantilly followed one of the men into our walk-in attic and started walking over the insulation. She fell through the insulation and landed on a ledge about five feet down. The only way we could figure to get her out was to hang one of my sons by his feet and he rescued her."
Sheree Mastern
& Pepsi
"We went to school out in the country, and our dog followed us all to school one time. In class we leave the doors open in the summer. My dog decides to cut through my class. He stopped in middle of our class and urinated on the teacher's carpet!"
Nancy Williams
& Duke
"My son took his dog, Buster, age 10 months, hunting with our older and trained bird dog, Duke. Duke soon came on point at a covy of quail. While on point, Buster licked Duke's private parts and Duke never moved from his point. It was hilarious!"
Kelly Britton
& Winkie
"Winkie is five months old and my pride and joy. But, she simply doesn't like me to take a relaxing bubble bath! She insists on being in the bathroom with me, and sits by the tub growling and yapping until I give up and get out. No relaxation for me!"
Brenda Rudi
& Fred
"This isn't a one time deal. Fred does this every day....He has his own blanket. When he wants someone to play with him, he picks up his blanket and whines. Then I will put the blanket over him. It keeps him happy. We are on his fourth blanket now, most likely with more to come."
Ellen Jackson
& Bailey
"My Schnauzer is usually very proper. Once when two strange dogs were splashing in a puddle nearby, he yapped indignantly and tried to get me to stop them. Naturally, I wouldn't. Finally, he sighed, jumped in and gleefully splashed around with them, proving, I guess, that he's only human!"
Shanna Kamin
& Plaid
"When he was just a puppy, I was taking Plaid for a walk when we came upon a little bird sitting on a post. Plaid inched up to the bird, and to my surprise, starting licking the bird on its head! I watched completely fascinated as the bird sat still while Plaid gave it 'kisses.' When Plaid was done, the little bird simply flew away. I remember laughing hysterically when I turned around and saw passers-by starting at my puppy in shock!"
Chrissie Baldwin
& Schatzie
"Schatzie is quite the hyper puppy, which seems to be common with Dalmatians. As a result she is often in trouble. When Schatzie knows she has done something wrong she will lay her head in my mom's lap, and cut her eyes at her as if to say 'aren't I cute and sweet.' It works, mom laughs, and Schatzie gets out of the 'doghouse.'"
Sandra McGrath
& Maurice
"Our male Chihuahua, Maurice, loves pizza. So much so that when we order it on the telephone, he knows what we are doing and starts to dance around wildly and sits by the door until delivery time. When it arrives, he dances for the deliverer and sits until he gets pizza."
Autumn Smith
& Max
"While working on a fishing pole, the lure attached dropped to the floor and Max snatched the big purple spinnerbait and took off. We loosened the line, but not in time. Max slunk out from under the bed with the lure hanging from his smiling, panting mouth!"
Margaret Morneau
& Hero
"When Hero is reprimanded or punished, he will lay down on the ground and start to growl at himself, then he will start to bite his back leg. Next thing you know he is having a fight with his leg, while the other leg kicks him in the head. We figure that leg must have done something pretty bad to him."
Cynthia Kelly
& Candy
"We can get my dog Candy to climb on anything or jump onto anything. One day she saw my husband putting up the xmas lights on the roof, and she proceeded to climb the ladder and get up on the roof with him. Boy was he surprised!"
Stephanie Koshel
"My pet pooch hates baths. Once we were watching t.v. and she heard the actor say "Do you want a bath?". She put her ears back, raced downstairs, dove deep under my covers, and hid! She refused to come out even when offered her favorite--Spanish rice with sour cream!"
Robin Kabrich
& Shadow
"I was walking my dog Shadow one day near Halloween. All of a sudden he went crazy and tried to take off running, yanking on the retractable leash. He went tearing up to the flower bed of a house we were passing, to confront a cardboard cut-out of a black cat!"
Bonnie Hurm
& Buster
"The funniest thing that Buster has ever done was to steal a Christmas ham. My husband got a call one December afternoon from a neighbor who said our dog was in her driveway, gnawing on her ham. Buster had snatched the ham when she was unloading groceries in her garage."
David DeSau
& Jake
"Since we found Jake on the beach he always hated sea gulls - one day he was chasing sea gulls when he jumped - I guess he thought it was just a small puddle on the beach - it was 3 ft. deep -he sunk out of sight - never chased another sea gull after that!"
Suzanne Marie Coesfeld
& Maggie
"Every Sunday while I read the paper, Maggie gets in my lap. Then she stands up and puts all of her weight on the back of the chair causing it to fall over. As I lay sprawled on the floor, she laughs as only she can. I love her."
A. Lynn Baltzersen
& Amber
"Our cat loves to rip off bits of paper bags and drop them on the floor. When our cat gets in these moods, our dog stands right there and eats them all up as they're falling to the floor. Saves me a lot of cleanup!"
Carol Christoffersen
& Sebastian
"After her 1st heat ended, our female wanted no part of Sebastian. He would get in front of her, stand on his hind legs, paws outstretched, and "beg" vocally and by waving his paws. It didn't work, Samantha ignored his antics, but he was a riot to watch!"
Linda Ellis
& Kitty
"Kitty's favorite trick is when my son has a plate of food, she barks at the back door, signaling she wants out. When he goes to let her out, she runs to where he set his plate down and steals his food. "YOU STUPID DOG!" signals she has struck again."
Robyn Casteel
& Petie
"My brother plays with this dog constantly. One day Larry, my brother, put a piece of surgical tape over his mouth and laid down on the couch. He started saying, 'Help me, Petie. Help me, Petie,' in a very muffled voice. Petie came running over to him, barking and jumping up and down. Then he gets up to Larry's face and pulls the tape off. He can now do this trick over and over again. It's hilarious to watch."
& Sammy
"Everyday me and Sammy go rollerblading around the streets of my neighborhood. It is the daily exercise she can't go without. This particular day, I was nearing my friend's house. I could hear her young baby crying. But before I could glide another inch Sammy jerked the leash out of my hand and took off running. Right into my friends house! It turns out she had heard the baby crying and decided to comfort it with about a million kisses. Well, the baby stopped crying and me and my friend laughed our heads off."

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